a group of hexagonal wrenches A situation may arise where a company might want their employees to improve or refresh their English skills. A company that can communicate in a higher standard of English has a competitive advantage. I develop and teach English courses which improve employees’ practical use of spoken and written English.

I base my courses on a individual study plan based on the students’ present knowledge and learning needs. All participants are individually pre-screened on their current language skills. This personal approach helps students get the best out of themselves. Then courses are designed around your company’s learning objectives. A logical build-up to courses results in participants learning more effectively.

For maximum effectiveness, I teach classes in small groups. Companies can choose between full- day intensive workshops or weekly courses (minimum 2 hours). Working together intensively helps build on the team’s existing skills. New knowledge gives participants more confidence, encourages co- operation and results in a higher standard of English for the team as a whole.