a game of checkers Have you ever done an English course but weren’t satisfied with the results? Then maybe one-to-one teaching might be a more effective alternative. Personal language coaching is different to traditional language classes. It’s about helping you improve your English for specific situations and focuses on your individual needs like your accent and vocabulary.

Some people believe that because they weren’t good at languages at school, they won’t be able to feel confident in another language. A One-to-one course focuses on your needs and will help keep you on track. This method of teaching helps you to develop your language and communication skills quickly.

One-to-one coaching is about revising your knowledge and changing your habits. Together we define your learning goals, formulate a strategy and create a plan to improve your language skills. The course is designed around your learning goals and your profession. Your preferences determine the course length, frequency and intensity. Learning on a one to one level is about getting a new perspective on your communication skills and improving your personal effectiveness.

I am a certified One-to-One Language coach. I studied at Oxford Telf, Barcelona which is among the most highly-regarded training institutions in Europe. The course is given by Mark Powell (MA DipTELF), Director of Powell Communications, author of Dynamic Presentations, Presenting in English, the New Business Matters, the InCompany series.