an antique pocketwatch "For the last two years, we have been working with Paul Treanor. He has developed a series of language courses for our organisation as a freelance language trainer. These courses are given on a level for the participants which are designed to match the learning targets. The evaluations the participants complete are without exception (very) positive. Students appreciate the subjects dealt with in the courses and the way Paul teaches.”
Marian Van Der Hoeven, Director Business Travel Academy division South West Europe at BCD Travel

“Paul has provided our company with many kind of training courses. I experienced Paul as a practical, quality proof, energetic, creative and open-minded person. His ability to mix the right amount of humor in his training course offers the right environment for hard learning in an relaxed way. Paul's unique mixture of competences is hard to find in any trainer and our goal is to benefit it for the future.”
Irene Knuvers, consultant Business Travel Academy at BCD Travel

Comments from the students

“I’d like to say I enjoyed both days at the English course. It pointed out the need to go back into the classroom and work on grammar, tenses and pronunciation. But it was also your contribution, Paul, to have two attractive, lively and interactive days. Let’s be honest, lessons can easily get bored. However, you managed to put humour and a personal touch into the course.”
Christopher Klokhuis, Senior consultant e-Commerce Service Centre

“I would like to thank you very much for the two-day English course these past few weeks. I enjoyed it very much. You think you can speak English quite good, but when you are in class you find out it’s not so easy as it seems.”
Jose Langeveld, Consultant Meetings and Incentives

“I would like thank you for your teaching. I have enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I consider it an excellent method to improve the knowledge of the English language.”
Ad de Klerk, Travel Consultant, BCD Travel